All About Food


One of my most dislike fruit— papaya
I tried my first bite last week. I forced myself to eat it becoz of constipation and breast enlargement .LOL
It was TOUGH !


It works for constipation problem.
I highly recommend people to eat papaya if they have a difficult time to xxx.
and my poop smelled like papaya.


unfortunately, it doesn’t help for breast development.


homemade chocolate almond cookies

Best cookie in my life! It looks sweet in the picture, but it is actually not.
This is gluten free as well. (using almond powder as a substitution to flour)
and the texture is very unique! VERY crunchy outside and unexpectedly soft inside.

I have never tried this texture of cookie anywhere else.
Je l’adore!!!
[My neighbor made this by the way, not me:-)]

KFC double down

Look at this. one KFC double down
a combination of chicken, bacon and cheese
This might be the fattest  burger in the world.


Clay Pot Rice

This is a HK traditional food for winter—Clay Pot Rice.

Cooking Method:

Cook the rice in the clay pot, when the rice is almost done, put the ingredients in then cover it again to let it cook.
The rice would eventually absorb all the sauce from the ingredients. YUM!


My mom’s fav—Preserved duck, preserved sausage on rice.

My dad’s fav— Preserved veg pork patty on rice.

Voila, my favourite! It may sounds horrifying to you but it is actually really good!

Frog and mushroom on rice:-)
I love eating frog. It tastes just like chicken meat. And it is very low in fat, even lower than chicken.
And it is tender and juicy. lol

No body would like to share with me or when I order this. haha!
YAY, the pot is just for me.

What’s your favourite?

Mini cranberry cake

They are very cute eh?

I made these because I was bored:-)



it’s me again.

I actually have my lovely sociology midterm exam tomorrow and I am giving it up.
This is just too much for me .lol
this course teaches me one important thing–>    effort and time =/= success or good grades

Instead of studying a 15% midterm exam, I decided to update my blog and I also did some online shopping.

This is my homemade omelet rice.
I fried the rice with tomato paste+ketchup and minced beef.

I actually have never ordered this in the restaurant.
I just cooked it base on my own preference.

Does it look fine to you?

Healthy snack bar: SOYJOY

This is a very healthy snack and my dietitians highly recommend it to people.
(yea…I have consulted 2 dietitians. I love them and they are nice. mom wants me to gain some weight)

The company is from Japan and the product is made from soy.
A low GI snack. There are many flavors—orange and chocolate, raisins,strawberry(new) …etc

Texture: not very chewy nor crunchy, a little powdery. Just some soy extract with some dried fruits.

Do I like it:
I am not a fan of all cereal bar.
It is unlike the regular cereal bar in the market but its good to give it a try.

And, soy bean products are very very good for women especially.


Japanese eel with rice

When I was in Winnipeg, I ordered it every single time in Miyabi restaurant.
Its $22 CAD (without tax)!
Now, I know how to make it and it tastes exactly the same.

Are you hungry?

Something cute.LOL

Hi guys! I look like a 白痴+變態 in this pic.
By the way…,
I got this from Japan.

Want to get one? haha.

This is just an egg pudding.

Breakfast in hk


huge sandwich.

in jordan, kowloon, hong kong.


they serve the BEST scramble egg and breakfast set in hong kong.